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Now casting for Whispers of a Machine by Raw Fury. Please follow Audition Guidelines here.

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Protagonist, around age 25. Special agent and homicide detective, equipped with powerful cybernetic enhancements. Well trained, focused, and capable. [Vera is pronounced like you’d expect. “Eng” in Englund is pronounced as in “Length”, not like in “England”]


(Greeting) I'm Special Agent Vera Englund. I need to ask you a few questions.
(Speculative) "It seems like the murder could be tied to a secret relationship Karl had with a woman, but I'm leaving all options open."

(Surprised) “Oh, you mean my... You mean the augmentation? The nanofluid injection?”

(Dismissive) “Oh, I'll relax when we've caught this murderer. Until then, I'm gonna focus on doing my job.”

(Commanding) “Step away from the weapon, get on your knees and turn around!“

(Empathetic) “Are you doing okay? Do you have somebody to talk to after this?”

(Empathetic) “While that may be, censorship is not the answer. Dialogue and compromise is the key to true progress.”

(Critical) This entire room should have been evacuated. Staying clear of the body would've decreased the risk of contaminating evidence.”

(Analytical) “You're omitting the looming threat of our own destruction. Human evolution, even with genetic engineering, stands no chance of catching up with an A.I. singularity.”

Stina Rooth

Around 60, politician, mentor, retired police veteran, cocky, tongue in cheek. [Lennart is pronounced similarly to Leonard. Blue is a drug that enhances humans]


(Surprised) Well, you got yourself one juicy case here. Those two lovebirds of yours just turned a double homicide into an anti-terrorism effort.

(Amused) “*Laughs* Now, now. You're an agent, the crème de la crème of the Central Bureau! Time to act like one. ‘Infiltrate and evade’, remember?”

(Encouraging) Attagirl. Keep your cards close to your chest, and everyone will underestimate you.

(Annoyed) “Right? Someone thought I’d be a sign of hubris. We shouldn't ever forget that we're mere humans. Just with a new set of fancy tools.”

(In gunfight) “You don't get it, Vera. We're both living on borrowed time. Blue clings on to you. You'll never be'll see... “

(Near death) “You can consider the case... *grunts* ...closed. Lennart took out the Conduit members. Then I put him down like the rabid dog he was.”


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Katarina Berg

26 years old, activist, school teacher, hardheaded, independent, determined. [Maja is pronounced as Maya]


(Amused) “Heh. Not bad, sister, but no. You're way off the mark. I had nothing to do with that.”

(Relief) “Thank God. Is that him? Is he okay?”

(Passionate) “People treat A.I. as some outside force with an intent to destroy us all. A.I. is our own creation. Our progeny. What sane parent would fear their children surpassing them?”

(Ambushing player) “Don't move! Oh, wait, you're that city cop… Fuck, I was expecting... *Sigh* Today is not your day, sister.”

(Distrustful) “*Snorts* That's what they all say, right before they stab you in the back…”

(On the verge of tears) “Just...just take him away. He's better off without me. Go... Don't make this any harder than it needs to be…”

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