This registration is for one career changing step, learning the tips, tricks & trades of becoming a modern day voice over artist! You do NOT need to be working on any demo reel or have prior VO experience to take this class. All levels welcomed! Take this class to sharpen your audition skills, be challenged on the mic, quick thinking in the booth, or for creating produced work on your commercial portfolio/demo. (If working on Animation or Narration, go to the Animation/Narration Pages to register for Round 1, 2 or 3) BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR YOUR PRIVATE SESSION IF BUILDING PRODUCED WORK FOR YOUR COMMERCIAL DEMO REEL. All artists working on demo material will gain produced work 3-7 days after class that will later be used in their demo reels. For Animation & Narration Demo Reels, please visit the Animation/Narration Pages. PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS MY LAST PUBLIC VO CLASS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. 

2 Hour VO Class Mon. Dec. 17th 6-8PM