This is your opportunity to work (& network) directly with one of the best Commercial Casting Directors we've had the pleasure of working with in a very rare, special 2-Night Experience!


Spend two evenings with Erica Palgon, an award winning Casting Director not just for Voice Over but for Commercial & Legit as well. For Voice Over, Erica has cast the voices for Biore, Virgin Mobile, Jeep, Chrysler, Stouffers, Samsung, Victoria’s Secret, Vytorin, Little Debbie, Boar’s Head, Biore, Humira, BNP, Capital One, Virgin Mobile, Smith Barney, Nielsen, Pepsi, Barilla, Vaseline, Milkbone, Volvo, Hyndai & Bryers. In 2016, Yours truly Shelly Shenoy was awarded the role voicing segments of the new national Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx Campaigns, and Shelly booked it through Erica's casting.

This 2 night event is truly an opportunity to get to know this Casting Director in a fun, different getting-to-know-you experience. Erica is looking to expand her casting reach and is always looking for someone who can bring a new, fresh, "it" voice to the microphone. 

The first night (Tuesday March 14th, 6-8PM) we will have a relaxed Q&A segment and discussion. Then, one by one our small group of actors will take turns on the microphone. Everyone will be included, never leaving the room. You will bring your copy onto the mic, and take direction from Erica. Each actor will leave with either a challenge or a request from Erica. 

The second night (Wednesday March 15th, 6-8PM) we will begin with a class discussion - getting to know everyone in the room, not just Erica (networking is a multilevel skill of multilevel importance!) Afterwards, each actor will have their assigned alone time in the booth with Erica, bringing in the results of the challenge / request from the night before. Each actor will leave with detailed feedback from Erica.

Seating for this event is limited.

Actors will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours.

CASTING DIRECTOR 2-Night Event March 14th & 15th