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Welcome to NycVoCoach Universe!

It's been a busy year, and I'm excited to schedule all coaching & directing for 2023! Here is a brief glossary to get you to the right page so you can find what you're looking for quickly & easily:





  • REVIEWS - This is where I lured students into my basement & then tortured them until they said really, really nice things about me.




  • For Intensives: Once you put your deposit down- I schedule my life around your 10 or 14 day program. For insane life emergencies I will allow a ONE TIME rescheduling, that must be scheduled within 3 months. Otherwise, if you need to cancel your deposit is forfeited and will not be used 'towards' any other programs/coachings.

  • For the Career Counseling Session: a one time rescheduling that must be scheduled within 3 months. Otherwise you will forfeit your registration. COOL? Cool. Thank you. Hugs.



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