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Hey, I'm Shelly Shenoy.

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This industry is a never ending roller coaster filled with exciting people to meet and thrilling jobs to be had. I started as a non-union actor with a fantasy about working in the world of Voice Over in 2003. I did not have an agent. I did not have a manager. I did not know a single casting director in New York. I had no access to Voice Over auditions anywhere of any kind. I didn't know a thing about the industry, the business, how it worked - and certainly not how to get in. In fact, the idea of doing Voice Over work was truly a dream that I simply had no idea how to achieve.


One thing I did know? COMEDY.

I had an all-female sketch comedy group called The Brothel, and we booked an MTV Roast - back before roasts were televised! We were among Nick Kroll, Eric Andre and a handful of other young comics asked to roast the original V-Jays from MTV. I was asked to roast Courtney Love, and I figured the best way to roast her, was to show up AS her. Crazy hair, crazy voice, crazy drunk V-Jay-ing. So I did. I did NOT know Courtney was going to be in the audience, but she was - and she was laughing harder than anyone. After the show, I was asked about being a voice over artist. "Ha, I wish, I heard they could pay their rent!" I said, laughing. The person that asked me said "That wasn't a question. You are one. You just don't know it yet." 3 weeks later that person recommended me to a producer to attend a voice over audition. I did. I was the only one their with no agent. But I booked it. A cartoon. My first gig. I was over the moon!!!


20 years later - Commercially, I am the national campaign voice for: HBO Maxx, Heineken, White Claw, Citibank, Adidas, Tropicana, Sheraton Hotels, Celebrity Cruises, "You'd Make a Better Millionaire" New York Lotto, Aruba Tourism, Pepsi/Yankees Baseball Season, Rolaids, Mohegan Sun, MGM, and featured in all of the TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Homegoods campaigns. I'm also the voice of the L'Extase Eau de Parfum campaign airing in Europe. As well as a brand new national campaign for Emerson Energy, which you've likely seen on TV!


I Voice Directed a Netflix Original Animated Series, starring Oscar Winner Mark Rylance, and am in negotiations for Voice Directing with arguably the two biggest video game companies in the world. If you receive the newsletter, you'll be hearing very exciting updates about this. 


The bookings that have brought the most accolades have easily been in my video gaming career. Notably: Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games, Batman, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, and The Walking Dead, Season 3: A New Frontier. Playing the supporting lead role of Kate Garcia. For those of you that are fans of The Walking Dead Telltale Episodic Video Game Series, Yep, that's me! Working with Telltale continues to shoot fireworks into my life in the most exciting ways imaginable. 


My key to success is likely the deep understanding that show business is (always has been and always will be) 10% show and 90% business. If you understand that too, then you're likely ready to join. If you're here, on this site, looking for a connection, a free ride, or a lucky shot, you might be in for some heartache. But if you're here to work, then you're a person after my own heart. I love the work and I love students with open minds and a "yes-and" attitude. That's how I started, and it's how I've succeeded. I'd like to share with you my bumps along the way (there have been so many!), my stepping stones, my work ethic, and how YOU can start your journey with reachable goals, an understanding of the industry, and where to begin. I'll cater your sessions to you - simply come with the questions you want answered and let's begin.

For those interested in my career as a professional actor, feel free to peruse some of my work as a resident sketch performer on We The Internet TV, and Cancelled Productions LLC. You might have even seen some of them before!


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