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Every Voice Over Artist Needs GREAT Equipment & Resources. Here's what I use & recommend!


  • A Condenser Microphone (NOT a USB Microphone - EVER!)

  • An XLR Cable (to plug your Microphone into your mixer)

  • A Mixer (For controlling the mic. The mixer has a USB to plug into your computer)

  • Headphones (to hear yourself while you record)

  • Desktop Speakers (to hear your auditions in the same way the casting director will hear you)

  • A pop filter (to protect your mic)

  • A foam isolation shield (which is why you won't need ugly blankets or a stuffy wooden crate)

  • A mic stand (either standing or seated / desktop)

For Pricing, or to add to your Amazon Cart, click on any of the pics below!

Below you'll find single elements and/or bundle deals.
There are also great items to have for your sound studio!

This is the AKG Condenser Mic that I use
AKG Mic.jpg

Condenser Mic's come with XLR cables that can only be plugged into a mixer. Your mixer has a USB that plugs into your computer, allowing you to record into your DAW. 

(A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation, like GarageBand, Audacity, Or ProTools. (I have used GarageBand for years!)

Remember - it's a VERY smart move to upgrade your equipment about every 4-5 years. So if your current mic is 5 years or older - Please get a new one!

Click photos for links or pricing!

Focusrite Solo.jpg
Scarlet Solo Headphones Pop Filter.jpg
This is your audio mixer! It's called a Scarlett Focusrite. The first pic/link is a Scarlet "Solo" that comes with a bonus XLR cable to have on hand! XLR cables get old & finicky, so it's smart to always have a spare. The second Scarlet comes with a bonus XLR cable AND a great pair of headphones.
(The reason it's called a Solo is because it can only plug in ONE mic, which should be all you need!)
pop filter.jpg
Here's my trusty pop filter! This protects your mic from bursts of air, spit, coffee, your makeup, your fuzzy beard particles & who knows what else! Word to the wise, if you've been using yours a while, it might stink! These are $6-$10 a pop so it's easy to replace. Keep your face fresh!
Seated Mic Stand.jpg
This is a link for a SEATED mic stand. When students ask me if it's better to stand or seat when recording, I tell them it's up to YOU. And if you're not sure what you prefer yet, it's VERY handy to have both (affordable) options! The one above comes with a few fun extra features too!
Mic Bundle.jpg
This is a package bundle. It has my OTHER fav mic, an Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone with XLR Cable, Spider Microphone Shockmount & Isolation Shield! 

I am proud to be an Amazon Affiliate! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Sennheiser Headphones.jpg
Nobody puts baby in a corner. But you're definitely going to shove your mic right inside this shield so that you can record ANYWHERE YOU WANT IN YOUR HOUSE! This is the fantastic foam shield! THIS is what puts your microphone in a foam closet, so that YOU don't have to record in your clothes closet!
If you're standing while recording, how are you going to see the script?! This fantastic gooseneck is perfect for having your copy on your phone, clipping it onto your stand and recording while properly positioned on the mic. For on camera actors, I also use mine when filming auditions in hard to reach places! lol
Headphones are super important to replace every 4-5 years. Over time the cords get old and the sound gets muffled. I've worked with SO MANY STUDENTS that think their headphones are working great, but don't realize everything they're missing. Be sure you are taking care of your headphones so they can take care of you! These Sennheisers are the newest pair I own.
Foam shield_edited.jpg
Gooseneck Script & Phone Holder.jpg

$10 for the slick saver!

10 Dollar Speakers.jpg

$17 for the moderate saver!

17 dollar speakers.jpg

It's SO important to have desktop speakers. This is a game changer, because this is the only way to hear your work THE WAY CLIENTS WILL HEAR YOUR WORK! Producers will never listen to your audition through a pair of headphones. They hear your work in surround sound! There are things like nuance or white noise that are impossible to hear on your headphones. When you play your work back on your final check before submitting an audition or even a paid gig, you ALWAYS do your final listen on your desktop speakers! Here are some fantastically affordable options. I own the $10 pair, and they're wonderful!

Click photos for links & pricing!

30 Dollar Speakers.jpg

$50 for the fancy pants!

50 Dollar Speakers.jpg


$29 for the elegant saver!

Voice Protection // Throat Remedies // Throat Care // Voice Luxury!

Throat Coat.jpg

If you have a scratchy dry cough happening in your throat, OR, are looking to PREVENT that from happening: It's time for Singer's Saving Grace. Coveted by every professional Voice Actor in the field that's been doing this a long time. And - every Opera Singer at the Met! This is the spray that saves! (ESPECIALLY during long animation voice over sessions, trust me, I know!)

I always have multiple boxes of throat coat tea at my house. It's not a gimmick. I don't know what's in here, but it's the only tea I've ever had that's actually helped my throat! And - it's delicious! This is great for the cold season, for emergencies, to bring with you in a thermos if you're going to a sound studio - but no need for that! Most sound studios keep this on hand for their visiting voice actors. But now that most jobs are done from home - this is a must have!

Braggs ACV.jpg

This is the best brand, the best price, and the BEST thing I do, 2-3 times a week for my voice! I simply add a little bit (with a splash of lemon, my green matcha, or my Emergen-C powder drink) & I drink it up. I stay hydrated, I don't ever have vocal clicks or mouth friction on the mic. I know that Bragg's ACV is one of my all-time secret weapons!

Eucalyptus Spray.jpg

And now for the splurge: This is $32, but it's the BEST price for the LARGEST amount of true Eucalyptus oil to have on hand. When I have an early morning record, OR, simply when I want to open up my nose, throat and voice for the day - I stand in a hot shower, spray some on my hands, rub them together and inhale near my face. HOLY SMACKS, BATMAN! This is no joke!!! AND - to top it off, it's a gorgeous aromatherapy smell-scape for your bathroom (and your house) when you're really just feeling like treating yourself to a spa-like shower or bath. 

Throat Spray.jpg
Crane Humidifier.jpeg

During the cold winter months, voice actors often can't have their heaters on - they make noise! When the winters are cold & dry, I have Crane Drop Humidifiers on in every room in the house. No dry coughs or distracting itchy skin here!

10 Foot XLR Cable.jpg

For those of you with a standing mic stand, you're going to need an XLR cable that will reach your mixer! This one is $10 and it's 10 feet long. Great to have a spare cable! They should be replaced every 4 years.

Desktop Ring Light.jpg
Desktop Isolation Shield.jpg
Girl heated blanket.jpg

People always ask how I warm up when I do Voice Over. 7 months out of the year (because heaters make noise!) I walk into my office and sit at my sound studio, wrapped in a heated blanket. This is the one in my office right now. I'm snug, cozy, and instantly warmed up - literally! And my voice is relaxed and comfortable for every single recording.

USB Desk Fan.jpg

Look like a pro on those Zoom recording sessions with producers! This desktop ring light does the trick, and it's under $20!

Just got this seated isolation shield for my desktop mic stand, affordable & perfect. 

During the hot summer months you cannot have your noisy AC running (sorry!). But - this powerful USB desk fan will keep your computer fan (& yourself) nice and cool. Most importantly, it's QUIET! Use between every take & while you're editing to keep your laptop fan from turning on!

Click pics for links to products & updated pricing!

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