Demo Intensive 10-Day Program

This is my most popular program for voice over artists around the world. YES this entire program is done online! This 10-day intensive includes my "Master The At-Home Audition Program" and concludes with not just a brilliant demo, but with a guided career plan - so that you know how to continue with the momentum we create. 2021 Pricing for this program is $1899. (PLEASE NOTE - IT WILL BE $1999 starting January 1st, 2022.) You can reserve your intensive dates up to 5 weeks in advance!) Structured payment options are available, remember this is all tax-deductible, and - many places of employment (and schools) have been known to sponsor students - You just need to ask! So this program may be more accessible than you think. Also - Western Union allows you to pay via Credit Card and usually removes fees!


Here is what it includes: 

This 10 day program can be taken for the following demos: Classic Commercial Demo (if you don't have one of these, this is where we will start your career path), a completely original Animation Super Demo, Narration/Promo Demo, Foreign Language Demo. 

Your intensive begins with an extended private session, which can be done via phone from your location (many students are long distance). This is a 60+ starter session where we break down the industry, your experience, who you are and where you belong in the industry (branding). We run a cold copy challenge to see where you're at. Before our first day, you will be sent prep work that includes encouraging you to come with a list of questions that may include any/all topics in the voice over industry. I will answer every single question you have before you leave. If you don't have questions, we'll answer any that come up along the way over our ten days together.

You and I will work completely privately together based on what works for your schedule and mine, and after our first extended private session together you and I will determine together how we'd like our 10 days to go. During the 10 days, you will repeatedly be sent copy that fits what we planned for & discussed, and you will record from home and send in for critiques - not just on your work, but also sharpening all of your at home audition skills (including tech work, etc) and all things you must know for auditioning - learning tips & techniques that are a must-know for after you create your portfolio & demo, so you're also prepared for a successful career of auditioning after your portfolio & demo have been created - this is invaluable momentum, which you will use to continue to charge forward after we are done!

***THIS MEANS*** Only the first day is hard-scheduled with me. EVERY ADDITIONAL DAY IS DONE ON YOUR OWN TIME! This is a VERY flexible program that demands your mic-independence from DAY 1!

Over the course of the 10 days, grilling & grilling your audio, auditions, tech, performance - And you do this ALL on YOUR schedule! I will be selecting and saving your very best work throughout your training, and by day 10 - YOU'RE DONE! And guess what? If you're NOT done, please let me assure you - I will keep working with you until you ARE done - because I MUST get what I need from you so that I can produce it masterfully. That doesn't mean we'll go on for 25 days straight, or that you're moving into my apartment or anything. But yes, if I need to keep working with you a day or two longer - I will. 

THEN - WITHIN ONLY TWO-ISH WEEKS You will receive your entire portfolio of work (six completely original produced radio commercials that showcase your demo markets and provide a stunning demonstration of what you're able to do), AND your absolutely gorgeous, modern, industry standard demo reel!


*This program is NOT EASY. It will only truly be enjoyable if you are ready to work, learn, and take advantage of everything given to you.

*This program is an investment in your education and in the greater discovery of yourself as an artist. I cannot wait to help you unlock your instrument.

*There is usually a wait list for this program. Please sign up for the newsletter, or, send me a message to inquire about next available dates. I will get back with you as soon as I'm able.

*Graduates of intensives are highly encouraged to stay in touch. You will always have me as a mentor, advisor and a teammate. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The NycVoCoach community is your new family, so let me know if you're looking to get adopted. I'm on it. 

*I've had students confess multiple times they would have paid three times the price of this intensive had they known what it would do for them. Please scour the internet for hundreds and hundreds of reviews.

*SUCCESS! My favorite 10 Day Intensive Success story as of last year is Sean G. H's. He finished his intensive in January with a very clear plan of what to do next. He had no agents or reps, so we set him up for how to do this on his own. As of the last week of March, he wrote me to tell me he followed our plan, and in his seeking representation from an out of state agency, he included his incredible voice over demo. They didn't write him back (this happens all the time). But a week later they called his cell phone to tell him they had kept his (AMAZING DEMO REEL) and had begun submitting it. In less than a week, (and this was why they were calling him) he booked a national commercial for Nissan. He never auditioned for the commercial - he booked with with the Commercial Demo I made for him. These are the demos I make, I call them "Working Demos" or "Booking Demos", because if your Commercial Demo does it's job - it's booking work for you. Sean is now the voice of Nissan, and, he is greatly enjoying his relationship with his brand new agency. They signed him immediately.


How Do Classes Work? This is NOT THE 10-DAY INTENSIVE, This is the Slow & Steady Class Route, now available through "Animation", "Narration", or "Commercial Production Sessions"

The intention for breaking it up this way is so that people can afford to do one hour at a time, creating one commercial, one narration, or 2 animation pieces at a time. This is done privately from your home sound studio, in one-hour sessions. Your clips will later go into post production and you will start building up a produced portfolio that is what we'll pull from when we make your demo once you're done. Again, this is NOT the 10 day intensive, nor does this offer any at-home audition training, but this allows for you to have intermittent one-hour training sessions, creating produced work at a pace that's affordable for you. Be sure to check the Coaching, Animation, or Narration Pages for specific Pricing and/or to sign up. Another piecemeal option is the Master the At Home Audition program, see the coaching page for details!