Shelly Shenoy 2020 Bio


Shelly Shenoy has been a career Voice Over Artist since 2004. Famed for starring as Kate Garcia in The Walking Dead, she also voiced 24 characters in Cartoon Network’s Casper the Friendly Ghost, and has voiced over 200 different television, radio commercials & feature films. Shelly has continued her successful video game career, notably in Batman Returns, Game of Thrones, Minecraft and is proud to announce her role as Madam Irene in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, which sold more than 23 million copies within 2 months of it’s release.

As a Voice Director, Shelly was scouted and booked by the BBC & Netflix to Voice Direct the American Adaption of one of the BBC’s most successful television shows “Bing”, (An upcoming Netflix Original Animated Series) starring Oscar Winner Marc Rylance. Shelly has also worked with 3QU Media on feature films such as Trouble & Gnome Alone, starring Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, Sia, Ashley Tisdale & Wilmer Valderrama.  

Shelly has been professional Voice Director & Coach since 2011. As a coach, Shelly prides herself on having the toughest voice over programs in the country. In 2018, Shelly's students reported over $100k in voice over income. Shelly’s 10-Day Voice Over Intensive & her Master the At Home Audition programs got her noticed & nominated as one of the top 3 voice over coaches in the country by the Sovas Awards in 2017. 

Currently, Shelly is preparing to run the voice over division of the most elite acting program in Europe this spring. Shelly booked the lead role in a major motion picture filming this summer. And this fall, Shelly will be voice directing the brand new podcast Daughters of DC by Einhorn productions under the watchful eye of the New York Times, and reported in The Hollywood Reporter. Daughters of DC has already been green lit for it’s television pilot.


Shelly is reachable through her website, Instagram: @ShellyShenoy, Twitter @ShellyShenoy, and Facebook: @ShellyShenoyOfficial and @VoiceOverCoach.