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Whether you're new to the world of VO, or a long-time Veteran, this is where to start with NycVoCoach.


Let's say you're starting from scratch; but you've been told you have a nice voice. You have no industry connections, no body of work, no voice over experience, and no idea where to start. Scratch that; you've already started! I'm glad you're here. Your plan of action can begin with the ever popular Private Session - Career Counseling. Or if you know you want to begin working on it all, creating a portfolio & demo reel, Visit the FAQ page to see the 2 ways I offer to help make Commercial Demos. 1) Slow & steady via classes which are a bit scarse due to scheduling but do happen over time. Or, 2) The 10 or 14-Day Commercial Demo Intensive Program. Spoiler: We are starting your new career, which can be challenging, so get ready to work!


Let's say you already have a Commercial Demo; but you want to get back in the game. Is your demo reel not booking the work you thought it would? Is your demo reel outdated? Visit the Classes & Demo Reels Page & select a career counseling private session. We can investigate your demo reel & your current approach to the VO industry. I've heard HUNDREDS of demo reels. If your demo reel IS doing it's job, I will be thrilled to tell you that! If your demo reel is not working for you; I will tell you why.


Let's say you have a great Commercial Demo & a Fab Voice Over Agent; Then why aren't you booking auditions? Some actors are occasionally working voice over artists; but haven't been booking consistently. Come to a class! I will give you cold copy to try out and we will run your class time like it's a mock audition. You will be in a supportive atmosphere and you may be nervous - Just like a real audition. We will work on your copy interpretation, and take quick and easy strides so that you get your best possible reading. You will leave class with an MP3 file of your first take and your last take, so you can hear your progress at home later, & REALLY hear where your auditions have been landing, and how much potential you have going forward with confidence.


Let's say you are a working Commercial Voice Over Actor; But you want to break into the world of Animation or Narration! If you want to simply give it a try, go to the Classes & Demo Reels page & register for your seat in our next class. We will run cold copy by you & you can give it your best shot. You'll also leave with your first & last raw takes from the booth. If you want to dig in and begin your real demo; FIRST MAKE SURE THERE ARE SEATS AVAILABLE IN AN UPCOMING CLASS. Then, visit the Animation or Narration Stores under the Classes & Demo Reels Page. Begin with package 1. After your registration we will schedule you for your private session and begin our work together.


More Questions? Contact me: I'll get back to you as soon as possible.




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