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Some sweethearts wrote love notes & now I get to share them publicly:

Shelly, I just booked my first audio book - And all thanks to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! The demos I did in your classes I was able to upload to the ___ website and from there someone made me an offer to record and produce an audiobook ~ I'd love to take you to dinner with my first royalty check when that comes in!!! Kisses!  - Brian M.


Working with Shelly is such a refreshing experience. She is extremely knowledgable in the field because of all the VO work she does herself.  Most importantly she is able to communicate and share this information with her students in the most fun, upbeat and inspiring way.  I leave Shelly's class with a huge smile and a better understanding of VO and VO  audition technique. Shelly tailors her class specifically for her students - there is nothing generic about her classes.  I have only taken classes with Shelly for a few months and have already booked an audition through Shelly and I have recorded three demos created personally for me by Shelly for my VO reel (two in spanish)! -- Mia P.

I had such an awesome time at your voice-over workshop last Saturday. I just can't stop thinking about it. I have been wanting to do this for years and years and finally did. You made it enjoyable and informative -- professional, friendly and keeping the bar high. I love this combo. Real and above the BS. So refreshing. -- Heidi C.

Thank you for such a great class today! I had a blast. You're such a fantastic teacher! It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to get in a booth, hear a playback, and get some wonderful feedback. I'm looking forward to my next steps in creating a reel and gettin' this stuff going! Please let me know what the next moves are to take from here when you have a chance. -- Natalie R.

So, I just wanted to thank you for another great class on Saturday. I always come away with some great stuff to work on, from your feedback on my work, as well as the others. And, as a fellow teacher, I always appreciate your teaching style (the right mix or supportive, constructively critical, honesty, and comedy). Please keep me posted on upcoming classes! -- Neil H.

Shelly is both a phenomenal teacher and human being. She imparts vital information in terms of the industry etiquette, audition process, etc. all the while keeping the class warm and fun with her energy, enthusiasm, and sense of humor. She also provides private coaching session for those interested in crafting a demo; the time and attention she takes making sure it fits not only what you are looking for in the industry but what fits your personality and strongest interests is amazing. The end result is a sample of work of which you can feel proud and connected to. Working with her is one of the best decisions I've ever made. --Ken S.

Shelly Shenoy's class is fantastic!  Very informative, well structured and incredibly helpful... each student had time in the booth to work on material we picked from Shelly's diverse selection of VO copy.  Shelly's teaching style is so nurturing and supportive I felt confident enough to work on types of material new to me.  I look forward to taking a class from Shelly again soon! -- Katherine B.

I have had a great experience with Shelly as a VO instructor.  She really knows what she is doing and has fantastic insights and advice to give to any person seeking to learn more about the VO process.  I can't think of anyone more qualified to guide me into the world of VO. -- Lisa W.

On a powerful whim, after finally getting the courage to try VO, from a close friend, I took several classes with Shelly. Shelly's professionalism was striking. Her speed fast, her contacts vast, and the knowledge of her business deeply experienced. Shockingly, Shelly's upbeat spirit cut through this competitive business. Her over arching generosity spills out with her comedic and generous spirit. She cares about sharing her craft and she is a dedicated and articulate teacher. Incredibly Unique. Shelly took the time to edit my three takes together, creating a strong recording that I left with. If you are looking for someone to help put you on a path of successful VO, Shelly will get you there laughing and with integrity. - H. Carlson

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