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W.O.A.M. AUDITIONS - MALE CHARACTERS - Pick up to 2 to audition for.


Now casting for Whispers of a Machine by Raw Fury. Please follow Audition Guidelines here.

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Gabriel Oscarsson

24 year old police assistant. Ambitious. Looks up to authority figures and has a disdain for leniency.


(Assertive) “You there! This is a restricted crime scene.”

(Giving report) “The victim is Karl Oscarsson, age 33. Stabbed to death by an unknown assailant.”

(Excuse) “Oh, didn't mean to overstep my boundaries. Hush-hush. Got it.”

(Choking on laughter) “*Laughs* Ahem, sorry, sir. But it's kind of true.”

(Annoyed) “*Sigh* How could I let this... You're free to go, Agent.”

(Regretful) “I'm sorry. She got into my head somehow, and I felt powerless to stop it.”

Commissary Kurt Andersson
Screenshot 2018-12-05 13.03.10.png

Middle aged Chief of Police. Fatherly. Believes in diplomacy but can be authoritative when he needs to.

(Greeting) “Welcome, Agent. Enjoy your trip to the middle of nowhere?”

(Saddened) “Yes, unfortunately a second killing required your urgent attention.”

(Diplomatic, yet stern) “Look, we have a tightly-knit community here, and we try to work together to overcome our problems. Relax a bit with your superior jurisdiction and big city jargon, alright?”

(Annoyed) “*Sigh* Just keep that kind of funny business to a minimum. I have a hard time explaining your presence in town as it is.”

(Embarrassed) “Well, uh, as I said, there was a bit of a hurry to clean the place, so I guess the police report is kind of...sparse.”

(Proud) “We've all made mistakes, Gabriel. I'm proud of you. It takes a man to admit when he's wrong.”

Valter (and Nisse)
Screenshot 2018-12-05 13.04.08.png

50 years old, junk dealer, tinkerer, eccentric. Puts up a joker persona but also has a sad side to him. Makes a funny voice for his puppet-robot (Nisse) in frequent spontaneous ventriloquist acts. Take care to not give Nisse too much of an exaggerated “robotic” (ie, monotone), voice, but rather treat him like your typical funny little puppet sidekick. [Valter is pronounced “Vullter” and Nisse is pronounced “Nissa”. Maja is pronounced as Maya.]

Valter/Nisse exchange:

Nisse (Excited) ”Ooh, I got a theory!”

Valter (Dismissive): “No, Nisse. It wasn't the big war robot in the main exhibition.”

Nisse (Hyperbolic) ”Why not? That thing is huge! It could easily rip people to pieces. Or buildings, for that matter.”

Valter (Patient Explanation) “I know because I built it, Nisse. It's totally harmless.”

Nisse (Unconvinced) ”I don't buy it, Pops. It's got red eyes. That's a telltale sign of a bot turned evil.”

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