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I am an actor first. An actor who gets to eat, sleep and breathe in the ultimate world of Voice Over Work & Voice Over Casting. For 2014 I was the voice of: UPS My Choice, Subway $4, Swarovsky Crystals, Amtrak Trains, Carmax, Target Cold & Flu Season, Applegate Meats, True Blood HBO, Axe Body Spray, Time Warner Cable, & LeVian Chocolate Diamonds.

You can clicky click on any of the videos or sound waves below to sample me.

My Animation Reel

I have hundreds of cartoon and video game characters out there. Here are about a dozen of them.

My own commercial demo was my first experience writing commercials. Most of the work was aired nationally on radio or television, but can you tell which commercials were the first ones I ever wrote? Below that are 2 of my 2012 campaigns; UPS for Radio & Hair for television.

You must be bored.

Ok, so you have a lot of spare time? That's cool. This was the first short film I ever made about rivals in the world of hip-hop and ballet. The only thing is, nobody in this film can dance. Nobody. Not one person. This has absolutely nothing to do with Voice Over.


Amazon Queen was an at home audition that booked me the role over 3500 Union VO actors. Hero was the lead character of the video game Puzzle Bots, the game-maker sent me my in-studio audition. The AASA spot was my audition to be the live VO announcer for Axe Body Spray's new ad campaign for Axe Apollo in the live media event Jan. 2013. Booked it, & was proud to work with & Announce Buzz Aldrin & Kendrick Lamar.

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