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Below are only a few opportunities that have come to Shelly's VO students in the last few months. Come to class, prove your work ethic and show that you are ready to learn & ready to work.
Congratulations to student Andy Manjuck! Since completing the last of his Demo Reels, he has booked & recorded the first season (as the lead) in a Sci-Fi Podcast "Damocles Clash: Intergalactic Repo Man". He also booked two Audiobooks, including a Trilogy that will be released by Amazon. 
Sonia J., who recorded one Portuguese commercial with me, shared with ABRAMS ARTISTS AGENCY, & began freelancing with them the next day. She now frequently auditions for their VO department!
Brian M.,  who just booked his first Audiobook!
Phil C,, for booking a radio spot in Columbus Ohio through one of Shelly's Classes!
Jo-Ann V., who got rave reviews from ABOUT FACE TALENT AGENCY for her completely original Commercial Demo. She will now be sent on VO Auditions through them!
Eli G, who booked a big narration gig after only two months of in class training!
To 36 of my students that booked work through me for the last three video games released from WadjetEye Games
Andy C. Who booked a repeating VO gig with G.I.Joe after submitting his finished Animated Demo Reel
Pamela S. Who booked an animated TV banking commercial after submitting her Animated Demo Reel
Abigail S. Who booked a national television commercial for Windows PC Tablets after submitting her Commercial Demo Reel
Shelly is the sole Casting Director with an independent books-on-tape company, & a popular video game company that pulls non union talent in directly from her student database. You can receive a coached, professional audition to submit, right from class.
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