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How Does Class Work?

Classes have a limited number of students. In each class, each student gets time in the voice over studio. The class is privy to hearing each student's work from the casting director's perspective. Be sure to check the Classes / Demo Reels Page for speficic Pricing.


How do I create my Commercial Demo?

If you are working on your Commercial Demo

The building of your commercial demo is as follows:


This demo is paid over time, take as long as you need & sign up 

for classes that are avail for you & your schedule.

This demo typically takes 3-6 months. You pay as you go, 

and final cost when finished will add up to $1100.


First Private Session (Taken any time)

(Take the next 2 classes within 2 months of 1st private session)

1st Class - Record First Commercial

2nd Class - Record Second Commercial

Second Private Session (Taken any time)

(Take the next 2 classes within 2 months of 2nd private session)

3rd Class - Record Third Commercial

4th Class - Record Fourth Commercial

Third Private Session (Taken any time)

(Take the next 2 classes within 2 months of 3rd private session)

5th Class - Record Fifth Commercial

6th Class - Record Sixth Commercial 

Final Edit of Demo


How do I create my Animated or Narration Demo?

For Animated or Narration demos

3 Classes are needed to complete these demos, & the process

typically takes between 2-4 months on average.

Final cost for an Animation or Narration Demo through

class route is: $1052

The building of those is as follows:



1st Private Session

1st Class - Record Spots 1 & 2 


2nd Private Session

2nd Class - Record Spots 3 & 4


3rd Private Session

3rd Class - Record Spots 5 & 6

Final Edit of Demo



I offer a Demo-In-A-Day Package - $1399 This is what it includes: 

Because actor schedules can sometimes be crazy, including my own, this demo creation program exists. This Demo-in-a-Day option does not actually take 1 day. You and I will work completely privately together based on what works for your schedule and mine, and after our first extended private session together (discussing the industry, answering your questions, running cold copy exercises to see where your instincts/intuition is, where you start/end after a few rounds of direction, breaking down your demographics to see where you fit into the industry, etc.) you and I will determine together if you want to take 1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks to prepare privately for the demo. During your time of preparation, you will be sent copy that fits what we planned for & discussed, and you will record from home and send in for critiques - not just on your work, but also sharpening your at home audition skills - learning tips & techniques that are a must-know for after you create your portfolio & demo, so you're also prepared for a successful career of auditioning after your portfolio & demo have been created.

On the day of your demo, you will record 6 original commercials customized for your voice on one studio recording day, the commercials that you have mastered with me over time. There is lots of prep, and you will be 100% prepared for your record day. It will be a fun & wild ride! You will receive your portfolio of work, AND your demo reel, within 24 hours of studio record time. THIS CAN BE DONE FOR YOUR COMMERCIAL, NARRATION, OR ANIMATED DEMO REEL.



A real, live, 60-second 3D Animated Demo Reel. Completely original, animated cartoon, starring you, you, you and you. We create the concept, the characters, we create & master the voices you will be using. From start (the very first session we have in person) to finish (AFTER your record day in studio, post-edit production, then animation) plan for 6-8 weeks. WHICH IS REALLY FAST. Please email to apply for this process. IF APPROVED, we can get started! 


Where is my money going for the private sessions?

Aside from my time & involvement, Private Sessions pay for music, sound effects, sound studio rental, equipment usage & a sound technician - ALL for the classwork you do that ends up going into Post Edit Production - Making REAL work for your demos. I will be getting to know you, and you will be getting to learn about whatever you're curious about in the industry. Come with questions, or just a great attitude, and let's figure out what you want from your VoiceOver career.


Can I sign up for a class if I haven't taken a Private Session? - Yes you can & there is no substitute for the experience you will have inside the Voice Over Booth. However, It means your work won't go into post edit production to be turned into something finished (Like a commercial that sounds like it aired on the radio). But that's okay! There are so many things you can work on. Stay sharp in class with any of the following options:

*Do you have an upcoming Voice Over audition? Come to class with your sides, get coaching until you have finished a quality performance. Leave the studio with your professional, edited coached copy from class & submit your best possible work.


*First time in the voice over studio? You will learn how to operate the machinery in front of you so that you know how to run your own audition in ANY voice over studio. Dozens of sides are offered in class so that you can start where you feel comfortable, from Commercial, Narration, Books-on-tape, Cartoon or Video Game material.




*Are your demo reels done? If you show up to class after your demos completed, you can: Come to be challenged on cold copy as though you are auditioning. How are you under pressure? Let's work on that!



*After your demo reel is completed, you can come back to class ANY TIME without a private session and record a new spot for your demo reel to update/upgrade your current demo! It WILL go into post-edit production and be created into something amazing. This keeps your portfolio updated with work you still want & need. It also gives a new reason to re-email industry members you want the attention of by sharing your new work!


Remember, all of your purchases are tax-deductable.

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