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*It used to take place at my sound studio - However, Covid changed the Voice Over Industry! Now - In order to be a working voice over artist - you MUST know how to record yourself properly at home, from YOUR sound studio!

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Sign up for the session

2) Send Shelly an audio sample! 10 seconds of speaking conversationally, 10 seconds shouting, 10 seconds whispering - all on one .MP3 file - to

3) Stand by to either get audio improvements sent to you (with instructions) or, if your audio passes, then you will be sent your detailed confirmation and scheduling!


Upgrading, Improving or Creating your Commercial Demo from scratch? Any of those options would bring you here. This purchase is for a half hour private coaching with Shelly Shenoy on commercial technique! Then - be ready to record your first commercial from home! 

When you send it to Shelly - you'll be sent coachings to do it again, and we will go back and forth until you get it right!

Then, within 10 days you'll recieve a fully produced radio commercial. A brand new addition to your commercial portfolio (clips of which we'll later use in one of your demos). Let the fun begin!

Commercial Production Session

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