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I have worked with famous children, and kids JUST STARTING! Welcome to the industry, young one! The very first VO Coaching Session I taught was in 2004, for a young lady who was 8 years old at the time. The coaching was live, meaning I was hired to work with this girl while she was on the microphone at the live studio recording, with 12 executives on the other side of the glass. We nailed it, with 75 minutes to spare. Kids are hugely adverse & completely open to direction, you just have to know how to ask for what you need, how to trust the talent, and to have the ears to hear when they're beginning to grasp the right audio ropes. 9 Times out of 10 they will get in stride before someone 3 times their age. But don't tell the grown-ups that! Every Voice Over Studio Class & Networking Seminar I teach is kid friendly, and every child that walks in the door is treated as an adult would be - With respect. This is for a 1-hour Private Session, which, since 2 years BEFORE COVID was available via PHONE to anyone in the world. No microphone? No pressure. It's a confidence building safe space, which will be very beneficial when in the booth or on the mic at a later time. If parents wish to be on the call, they're so welcome to join in! 

After registering for this session, the email you registered with will be sent some very fun prep work! So the young human whom is taking this session feels completely prepared!

Please note: These private sessions are frequently purchased for actual recording sessions on the microphone via long distance for auditions. If perhaps your child needs to record a professional audition during our hour together. Kindly email me at if you have questions about how the session can be catered to the child's needs, or for scheduling inquiries. *I am not always available on short notice.* Plese note: If you register for this session via the safe & secure app Venmo to @Shelly-Shenoy you can save $5 and pay $170. Please include your email address in the Venmo Memo (otherwise I won't be able to send your confirmation email!)

Private Session - Kids under 16

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