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This course is private, and is available at any time!

Why didn't I book the job? Was there something wrong with my submission? Did they hear my entire recording? Is there something I could have done differently? Did I interpret the copy right? What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right!?

Are you ready to find out the answers to these questions?

For the last 7 years I have been training and perfecting actors and their auditions from home, actors that are now booking voice over work on a regular basis. Why can't this be YOU?

Privately Mastering your At-Home Audition is a 3-DAY mock audition program! Here's exactly how it works: Over the course of three days, you will be sent one industry standard commercial audition each day. Each day will challenge you with different specs, file instructions, commercial types, submission deadlines, and more.

A few hours after you submit each commercial audition, you will receive a breakdown of your work (up to 3 times per day, each day) You will find out if you would have booked the job, been placed on hold, or been completely overlooked. What you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, and insight into how to fix all issues that arise will be addressed. From copy interpretation, to at home studio settings, and more. This program is determinant, entirely based on you, what you bring to the table & what you need.

You will now be privy to invaluable insight into your work. After each submission, you will get personalized recorded audio feedback that is yours to keep. With having a professional VO Artist, Director, Casting Director & Producer in your pocket for 3 days - WE WILL RAISE YOUR GAME TOGETHER. The best part? Each time you take this program, it will bring even more challenges to conquer, raising your game again and again. Guaranteed.


PRIVATELY Master the At-Home Audition!

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