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After your intro to animation class, this is what we do! Congrats on taking your first step into the world of Animated Voice Over Production. A much deeper experience with Acting & Performance in VO. This bundle includes a creative writing session where we map out your original characters, and, we record & produce your first 2 characters. Your characters will be produced by my team; including my head audio engineer from Nickelodeon Studios! (Please allow up to 10 days for post edit audio production on your masterpieces). These amazing Animated Audio Segments will eventually be what you use in your animation demo reel. Ideally, you want at least 6 original characters in your animation demo, but you can technically have as many as you want (aiming to keep your demo under 90 seconds). Demo editing (when you're done & ready) is $65.

Slow & Steady Class Route for Animation

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