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CASTING NOW FOR NEW VIDEO GAME: LAMPLIGHT CITY - An Old School Point & Click Adventure Game!

The Gateway to Vespuccia, the City of Air and Light, Lamplight City - the thriving port city of New Bretagne is a beacon of progress and industrial advancement in the New World. Yet beneath the promises of a shining 19th-century future, the city rests upon foundations of poverty, class struggle, and crime.

For police detective turned private investigator Miles Fordham, Lamplight City's shadowy corners are just part of the territory. But with his former partner constantly speaking to him from beyond the grave, his grip on sanity is slowly loosening. Can our hero find justice for his clients and track down his partner's killer before his entire world comes apart? Lamplight City is a detective adventure set in an alternate steampunk-ish "Victorian" past.

Releasing on PC, Mac, and iOS in May 2018, published by Application Systems Heidelberg.




Submission Deadline is this Friday November 17th, 10AM


If you have a professional Animation Demo Reel (No longer than :90 Seconds); Please submit it with 1 of your auditions. We are casting the entire rest of the game based on this last round of submissions & need versatile voice actors to read for multiple characters!


  • There are 4 male, 4 female roles. Choose 1 or 2 characters to audition for. Slate at top of audition (First/Last name ONLY) Read lines through once, or twice if giving variety. If recording for more than 1 character, each character gets it's own MP3, sent in it's own email (Please do not send multiple MP3s in the same email for this casting!)

  • Convert your audio file to MP3 format

  • LABEL YOUR MP3 with character’s name - your name; i.e., “Constance Upton - Shelly Shenoy”

  • Send Recorded audition in an email to:

  • EMAIL SUBJECT PLEASE BE THE SAME LABEL AS MP3. So if i'm submitting for Constance, my email subject would be CONSTANCE UPTON - SHELLY SHENOY in subject of email.

  •  INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATION IN BODY OF EMAIL, CELL PHONE NUMBER & YOUR UNION STATUS (i.e., please give written confirmation that you are Non-Union, Or FiCore)

  • ACTORS - If you have an ANIMATION DEMO, PLEASE EMAIL IT WITH ONE OF YOUR AUDITIONS! Adding info to email subject line i.e., CONSTANCE UPTON - SHELLY SHENOY - AND ANIMATION DEMO! And attach it via MP3 to email. If you send me a link, or a website, or anything else besides including it in the email WITH YOUR AUDITION - it will not be considered. And I will laugh, and drink, then cry all by myself, and wonder how and why I failed you as a coach. 



  • Must live in New York or Tri-State Area and be able to travel to DUMBO, BROOKLYN for recordings beginning December, on/off through February 2018. Actors will be playing multiple roles & will be scheduling themselves w. Director for their best time. Just don't submit for this game if you're leaving on a 6 week vacation, or a broadway tour, or if you live out of town.

  • This is a non-union casting (you cannot be a member of Sag-Aftra if auditioning, but you CAN be FiCore, or of course Non-Union - And YOU MUST STATE UNION STATUS IN EMAIL.)

  • Payment will be per hour, and actors will be notified of rate if offered a role (or roles) in the game! If your phone rings next week & you don't know the number, answer your phone. It's probably me, and I might just have good news! 





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