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Bill Ledger

A veteran detective, he’s been on the New Bretagne police force for over 20 years. Bill grew up in the rough part of town, so he’s got street smarts. Jovial and quick to joke, he’s had enough of police work and dreams of leaving the big city to retire someplace quiet. His favorite part of solving cases is being able to go to the bar afterwards and get completely sloshed. Early 40s.


Friendly and likeable. Someone you’d want to hang out with after work. Has a tough side from having to protect himself and his sister growing up in the rough part of town.



“Living here was about as fun as wearing a vest made of meat to a dog fight. I'm glad we both managed to get out.”


“Why do you think they put him behind a desk? The man couldn't find his own backside with a pair of pliers and a lantern.”


“You think I enjoy being trapped here, listening to you whine about how hard your life's become?”


”Are you serious? Death is the BEST time for jokes. Otherwise it's all a bunch of boo-hoo-hoo this and wah-wah-wah that.”


Albert Martin

Lab assistant at the University of New Bretagne. Has been accused of attempted murder and put in jail, although he claims he is innocent. Early 20s. Comes from a family that practices voodoo, which is misunderstood and feared. Involved with the daughter of a wealthy white family, which is the source of a lot of tension.


Young and brash. Upset, but collected. This isn’t the first time he’s been treated unjustly because of his skin color. Has developed a thick skin and doesn’t let his guard down easily. 



“We started talking, and...she actually treated me like a person. To everyone else, I was just the boy who fetched the test tubes.”


“Are you making fun of me, Mr. Fordham?”


“She's a twisted, evil woman who got what was coming to her. Whoever attacked her deserves some sort of reward for the service they're doing for the community.”


“They made some outrageous claims, then next thing I knew I was here in jail. Mama must be beside herself with worry. I just hope she's alright.”

Trevor Hastings

Deliveryman for a flower shop. Still working despite being injured on the job at an airship factory several years ago. Doesn’t know the meaning of the word “retirement.” Smitten with his employer, but keeps his feelings hidden. Early 70s.


Good-natured and cheerful, but with an underlying sadness to him. Somewhat tired. Blue collar, with an extraordinary work ethic. 



“I wish Cecilia had contacted you lot sooner. She's a damn fine woman, but sometimes I think she'd rather jump in a rose bush than ask for help.”


“In my day, if you robbed a place, you did it the right way! It's a sad state of affairs when even burglars don't do their jobs correctly.”


“As long as I'm upright and breathin', I'll be bringin' these crates along, even if it's murder on m'back.”


“I...I only called the coppers because I think these burglaries have been goin' on too long. As much as you want to, we can't handle this ourselves.”

Miles Fordham

Former detective turned private investigator. Feels the need to provide closure to others by solving cases for them. Very logic-minded, has a difficult time reading people’s emotions. Early 40s. Comes from a family of cops. Well-educated. Currently questioning his sanity, as he hears the voice of his dead partner.


Serious, intelligent, dry sense of humor. Well-mannered and polite, but can be a jerk if he needs to get information. Very little gets to him, unless it’s being reminded that he might be going crazy.



“Hello, ma'am. My name is Miles Fordham, and I'd like to ask you a few questions. What do you know about Emily Morgan's murder?”


"‘Not easy?!’ I’m hearing voices, my life is falling apart, my wife thinks I’m crazy...I'd say that qualifies as a bit more than ‘not easy.’”


“Shouldn't a respectable young lady like you be in bed by now?”


“…’slater than I thought. Addy in bed.” 


"Were you aware of what happened to Miss Lathan? She was found burned to death in her bed. I'm not lying. In fact, these are her ashes. Would you like to say hello?"

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